Vocoder Plugin for DroidStar
This is an AMBE vocoder plugin based on mbelib and the OP25 AMBE encoder. The makefiles create a shared object for...
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Pi-Star: 4.1.12-RMB image for YSF20201 - YCS202 HELLAS Zone Server. Extra line for DG-ID(s) Rooms - Reflector
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SV1CDR admin's Video 2 years ago


https://www.yaesu.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=249&encProdID=8FA58F426C671235EA5791EE6814FF48&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0These are...

SV1CDR admin's Video 2 years ago

Yaesu REVEALS the FT5D - New Yaesu System Fusion...

Yaesu is about to drop a new HT for dual band System Fusion, but what features does it have over their previous model? Let's take a look...ML&S...

SV1CDR admin's Video 2 years ago

YAESU FT3D YAESU FT5D - Side By Side comparison



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