IC-9700 in D-Star DV Internal Terminal mode

Using the new Icom IC-9700 in D-Star DV Internal Terminal mode and connecting to the multi-protocol XLX122 B reflector. Radio is running the latest firmware as of June 29, 2019 ver 1.11

IC-9700 in D-Star DV Internal Terminal mode

The IC-9700 is a very feature rich radio. One feature it has is the ability to make pure IP connections via the built-in ethernet port and connecting to gateways running G3 software from Icom and/or reflectors running “open software”. This is a short guide on connecting to an open reflector XLX130 B.

Connect up the ethernet port on the IC-9700 to your home network and make sure it gets an IP address. The address should be a static address since you will need to open up UDP port 40000 for port forwarding from the Internet to the IP address of the IC-9700 on you local network.

The best way to do this is to login to your router/gateway box set up a static entry in the DHCP pool using the MAC address of the IC-9700, you can find that in the information location in the menu – this way when you power on the IC-9700 and it requests an IP address using DHCP from your home router it will always get the same IP address.

In the IC-9700 some things need to be setup – here is a short video on what those settings are: (Validate the network, make sure My Station is setup, set up DV Gateway)

Setup IC-9700 Internal Terminal Mode 

I am linking to reflector XLX130 module B. This reflector is capable of linking D-Star.

This means you can have a Digital  QSO with  TG 20207  you can get the status from the dashboard of the reflector – http://xlxzone.net Look under users/Modules for your call sign and then under Repeaters / Nodes

Setting up the router (optional but recommended):

Here the procedure changes between the different versions / models of your home modem, but the step is similar, go to the "Port Forwarding" tab and enter the same IP address set at the beginning in the radio and the number as internal and external port 40000, we have to choose UDP as the protocol


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