Yaesu Firmware Update!

How to check your firmware and DSP version and how to update them

 Checking Firmware and DSP Versions

Why do I need to update Firmware?

Fusion is a new system and is still being developed. So far we have only seen the tip of what Fusion can do. Over the next few years, Yaesu will be releasing updates to the repeater and radios as well as producing new Fusion-capable equipment.

In the past when you bought an HT what you got was what you got - there was no way to update it. That has all changed. Because all of the firmware in your radio can be updated, the radio you bought today is capable of doing new things tomorrow.

The other reason you need to keep firmware up to date is because there are bugs. Early versions of firmware had problems that caused people to be very unhappy with their radios - some even sold them!

So keep your firmware up to date! That will keep your local repeater operator happy and will let you get the most out of Fusion with the people you meet.

What needs to be updated?

There are at least two firmware “packages” in your radio. They are the controller firmware and the DSP firmware.

Controller Firmware

The Controller is responsible for running the LCD, responding to your button presses, telling the transmitter to transmit, and basically controls all of the functions you can control. Until recently most radios only had Controller Firmware - and it couldn’t be changed. With some new, modern radios, the Controller Firmware can be updated - but there’s a catch.

You need the firmware running to update the firmware. Right? What if something goes wrong with the update? You run the risk of “bricking” the radio - I.e., turning it into a brick since the Controller doesn’t have valid firmware anymore and it can’t be updated because the firmware isn’t running!

Fortunately Yaesu has solved this problem. Many microcontrollers (or microprocessors) have a “boot mode”. This is firmware produced by the chip’s manufacturer that can never be changed - it comes with the chip. This firmware is used to load the controller’s main memory with firmware the customer (Yaesu) has written. Unfortunately the controller needs to know which mode it’s in and that can’t be done by using firmware (for obvious reasons). That’s why Yaesu has a switch that needs to be in Boot Mode to allow the Controller’s firmware to be updated.

If you haven’t flipped the switch, you haven’t updated the Controller Firmware! (You probably updated the DSP .)

DSP Firmware

The Fusion radios contain a custom integrated circuit that contains all of the C4FM signal processing. This chip takes the analog signal from the detector, converts it to digital, then through (mostly) hardware and firmware, decodes the signal into bits. These bits are either used by the Controller for display or other communications or 

they are used to produce speech. This chip also contains a Vocoder which contains a model of the human vocal tract. Through this model it is able to produce good quality speech at very low bitrates.

While most of the work is done in custom hardware, the chip also contains a general purpose Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The DSP allows the chip to be configured for different purposes (say DMR, MotoTrbo, Fusion, etc.). It also allows Yaesu to introduce new modes and make other improvements.

The DSP firmware is loaded into the DSP every time the radio is turned on. The firmware is stored in a file which can be updated by the controller. Note that even if there is no DSP firmware, the radio can still be operated since the main Controller Firmware is in charge and it’s working.

The DSP firmware MUST be kept up to date. It is critical that all radios in the system run the current DSP firmware. Different versions will cause incompatibilities between radios. Also the DSP firmware and the Controller Firmware must be compatible. If they are incompatible versions, (I.e., you updated the DSP but not the Controller), there’s no telling how badly your radio will behave.

If you updated your firmware and you didn’t flip a switch, you updated the DSP only.

Display Firmware

The display also has a microcontroller and associated firmware. Since it is not possible to connect directly from the PC to the display, it’s necessary to use the main CPU as a communications bridge. This requires setting the main CPU into a communication bridge mode with the display, setting the display to the boot position and rebooting it (since turning off the power would also reset the main CPU), then transferring the new firmware.

As with the DSP, the display firmware update only updates the display firmware. If main or DSP CPUs need to be updated, they require separate procedures.


Checking Versions of HT Radio Firmware


Controller Firmware

It’s necessary to enter the diagnostics mode to check the firmware version. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn the radio off.

  2. Press and hold the BAND key

  3. Turn the radio on

  4. When the screen shows a test pattern, release the BAND key

  5. Momentarily press the BAND key again

  6. The display will show the Controller Firmware version.

  7. Turn the radio off

DSP Firmware

The DSP Firmware can be checked using menu commands. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn the radio on

  2. Select the ‘A’ side of the radio. This is the only side that can do Fusion digital.

  3. Select a digital mode (to enable the DSP).

  4. Press and hold “DISP” until the menu mode is entered.

  5. Turn the dial until until the “Tx/Rx” menu has been selected.

  6. Press ENT.

  7. Turn the dial to select “DIGITAL”.

  8. Press “ENT”.

  9. Turn the dial to select “DSP Ver”.

  10. Press “ENT”.

  11. The display will show the DSP version.

  12. Exit the menu mode by pressing “DISP” until you are back at the main operating screen.


The Main, Sub, and DSP controller firmware versions can be determined in one operation as follows:

  1. Press and hold DISP to bring up the main menu.

  2. Press DISPLAY

  3. Select item #11, SOFTWARE VERSION


The Main, Sub, and DSP controller firmware versions can be determined in one operation as follows:

  1. Press and hold DISP to bring up the main menu.

  2. Press DISPLAY

  3. Select item #9, SOFTWARE VERSION


  1. Press and hold the ‘F’ key to enter the menu.

  2. Select item #59, VER.INF.

  3. Press F momentarily.

  4. Rotate the control knob to see the main ‘C’ and DSP ‘D’ versions.


The Main, Panel, and DSP controller firmware versions can be determined in one operation as follows:

  1. Press and hold DISP to bring up the main menu.

  2. Use the Dial to select #13 RST/CLONE

  3. Use the Dial to select #8 SOFTWARE VERSION


To view the FTM-400(X)DR main and panel firmware:

  1. Press and hold the DISP button to enter the SETUP MENU.

  2. Select RESET/CLONE.

  3. Versions are shown in the top right of the screen.

To view the DSP version:

  1. Press and hold the DISP button to enter the SETUP MENU.

  2. Select TX/RX.

  3. Select DIGITAL.

  4. Goto item #7 - DSP VERSION.

FTM-3200D and FTM-3207D

To view the FTM-3200D main and panel firmware:

  1. Press and hold SETUP to enter the menu.

  2. Adjust to menu item VER DISP

  3. Press SETUP momentarily.

  4. Rotate dial to see both the CPU and DSP versions.

Checking Versions FT-991

Hold A=B and A/B during a power up. For a screen with all 4 values. Note that the screen passes quickly (8-10 sec) through to normal power up.


DR-1X Repeater Firmware Version check and Update

Controller Firmware

Follow these steps to determine the Controller firmware versions.

  1. Turn the repeater on.

  2. Press “Setup”.

  3. The firmware version is shown at the top of the screen.

Note: The DSP version cannot be determined except by the DSP update program.



Check the HRI-200 firmware using the WiRES-X Windows software. The firmware version is shown in the “about” window.


Where to Get the Current Firmware Versions

The only source for the current versions of the firmware is Yaesu. You can obtain firmware for your radio at the following URL’s:

Visit ​http://www.yaesu.com​ , select the appropriate radio, then select the Files tab The Japanese-only software is available on the Yaesu Japanese web site.


Note that the Yaesu-provided radio programming software is not produced by RT Systems. It is incompatible with RT Systems, perhaps not quite as fancy, but it’s free and less likely to cause problems with the radio due to radio interface errors.

For the firmware and software, there will be a document generally describing the firmware version(s) and a compressed zip file. Note that the zip file may contain both the Controller Firmware and the DSP Firmware. In addition, it contains the specific instructions for installing the appropriate version. Print out these instructions and follow them step-by-step. Do not improvise!

Note the following:

  1. Backup your radio before performing the update. Assume the update will wipe everything from your

    radio. Backup to SDcard is nice for doing this.

  2. When an update is complete, reset the radio to factory defaults. It may seem like it’s working. It may

    even give you the correct firmware version numbers, but there’s a good chance some bits in memory

    are in the wrong place and they’ll come back to haunt you at the wrong time!

  3. Verify that the Controller and DSP have the correct version information.

  4. Restore your radio from the backup you created earlier.




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