What is Repeater Reader ?  Repeater Reader is a small JAVA program which „simulates“ the traffic on a selected repeater. RepeaterReader is not able to read the repeater itself or the data stream to the selected repeater.

The program is using the Brandmeister „APIs“ for the Last Heard and GPS system similar to the Brandmeister website: In other words, its using the same data source, the BM network (BM MQTT) but its not the same system, so if you see the website is working and RepeaterReader not its no indication that there is something wrong in the BM system.  RR (RepeaterReader) reads the data stream of both „streams“ and filter out all necessary data like the selected Talkgroups or the connected Reflector. From the technical point of view all the messages are MQTT messages in different topics.

But why do I need RR ? You don’t need it

I designed the program to see the traffic on the repeater even if the TRX is turned of like if you are at work.

RR has a sound notification (not the voice, only a sound) for all traffic or only for friends so you can let run it in the background. You can also minimize the program (ESC key) and let it stay on top (if configured) in a corner of your monitor.

For multimedia freaks: a KODI option is also included to send messages to KODI. So you can watch your movies and get the notification on the big screen . If you don’t know what KODI is just ignore this option

There is an extended log feature and a Chart feature, also a an option to send messages to telegram and a Web API to monitor the „trafic“ on your homepage:

What are the system requirements ?

The program is written in JAVA so it should run on all supported systems like WindowsLinux or MAC

You need the newest JAVA 8 version

Currently this is Version 8 Update 211

Make sure (during the installation of JAVA) that you only install JAVA (expert mode if available) because sometimes they want to install other software. (as far as I know)

If Repeater Reader is not starting or unable to connect de-install Java and perform a new installation.

Is there any support available ?

Support via Telegram Messenger (English)

You can download Telegram Messenger here:

Support via Facebook (English)

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