Latest WSJT-X Release Includes New Q65 Mode

A new version (2.4.0) of WSJT-X, the software suite that includes FT8 and other digital protocols, has introduced a new mode, Q65.

According to the release notes, it is designed to accommodate fast-fading signals and paths with Doppler shifts of more than a few Hertz. "Q65 is particularly effective," the notes say, "for tropospheric scatter, rain scatter, ionospheric scatter, TEP (trans-equatorial propagation) and EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) on VHF and higher bands." It uses the same message formats and sequencing as those used in FST4, FT4, FT8 and MSK144. Q65 is one of 11 total modes included in the latest WSJT-X package. For more information or to download the free software, visit.



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